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"inkFrog is the best system available for eBay sellers, period!"

Save time, money, and sanity. Thousands of eBay sellers use the inkFrog system to launch and manage their eBay listings. inkFrog offers everything you need to sell more efficiently and effectively. Your time is valuable, and you need to have the right tools at your side to get the job done as efficiently as possible. inkFrog is your answer!

  • inkFrog Exclusive!
    eBay Smart Lister


    You can only get this at inkFrog! The worlds only "Smart Lister" with built in terapeak research and inkFrog smart suggestion technology.

    List quick, list fast, list easy, and now get research at your fingertips. Completely integrated with our templates and image hosting.

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  • Inventory Management

    Let inkFrog take care of that inventory headache for you. Manage, track, and keep updated on your inventory status. Get email updates of when it's time to restock. Completely integrated with our one step lister for quick creation of new inventory items.

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  • SmartShipping

    Print all your USPS and UPS shipping labels - in bulk - and save up to 20% on your Priority, Express, and Flat rate shipments. Wow!

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  • Bulk Editing

    Edit those listings in bulk with our globals tool. We also have the industries first Find & Replace feature which will find and replace html and text in your listings and update them in bulk! And we hate to brag, but eBay gave us an award for these great tools!

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  • Selling Manager

    Manage your sales directly from inside your inkFrog account. Automatically synchs with eBay for up to the date information. Our selling manager also integrates perfectly with our discounted insurance option to save you money!

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  • Post Sale Rules

    An extensive set of post sale listings rules that allow you to automate the relisting, second chance offers, and much more. Once you use our post sale rules you will not want to go back to the manual way of doing things again.

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  • Analyzing Smart Counters

    Just released!

    Much more than just basic counters, we offer our unique Smart Counters which analyze your eBay traffic. Unlike most analytics programs, ours is geared specifically for your eBay items for sale. Learn the best days to launch your items, the states and countries your items are getting viewed from the most, how long a potential viewer stays on your listings, and what item formats work best. Oh, and did we tell you about our birds eye view? View who is viewing your listings right now!

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  • Image Management

    Our image hosting started it all! And did we say Supersize? Oh yes, Supersize your images! One of the original image hosters for eBay, inkFrog has been doing this since 1999. More than image hosting, we offer a full image management suite. Manage your images, edit your images, create folders for your images, and much more!

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  • Templates

    Yes, we have templates too! Almost 2,000 to be exact. All different styles and formats you are sure to find one you like.

    Templates are integrated directly into the lister so you can add them quick and launch with ease. A perfect looking listing everytime!

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  • ShipSaver - Shipping Insurance

    Want to save a money while receiving BETTER insurance than you buy now with the carriers? We do that! Directly integrated into our system is an all-risk insurance program backed by Shipsurance! Add insurance to your items with a simple click for as low as $0.59c per $100 for USPS Domestic shipments and $.79 per $100 for USPS International shipments. That is the lowest price around for shipping insurance.

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    This is possibly my best experisnce ever dealing with an Insurance Company. Fast, Responsive -AAA+++
    Makes selling and shipping so much easier!!
    Absolutely best insurance provider for sellers out there!
    Simply Flabbergasted! So happy with their service.

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